Own a Laptop? A Phone? $45 MILLION Class Action Settlement! File Now!

June 12, 2018 BY Yes We Coupon
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Breaking news! There is a new class action settlement for consumers that have purchased certain electronics between the year 2000 and 2011. You can read about the terms of this settlement below and submit a claim. Payment is not set to happen until the spring of 2018.

This class action has been brought about for indirect purchasers of products containing lithium-ion cylindrical batteries, such as portable computers, power tools, camcorders, and other products (including the purchase of replacement batteries).

The following battery manufacturers are the Defendants in this case:

  • LG Chem, Ltd. and LG Chem America, Inc. (“LG Chem”)
  • Hitachi Maxell Ltd. and Maxell Corporation of America (“Hitachi Maxell”)
  • NEC Corporation (“NEC”)

The Defendants have agreed to settlements resolving claims that they allegedly raised the price of cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells.

In other words, individuals were overcharged for products containing these lithium-ion batteries.


  • Laptop PCs, Notebooks, Netbook computers
  • Mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, digital audition player, cameras
  • Camcorders
  • Cordless power tools
  • Replacement batteries for any of these products

Purchasers of these products (or replacement batteries) may be eligible for compensation in this $44.95 million legal settlement if:

  1. You were a resident of the United States from January 1, 2000 to May 31, 2011 AND
  2. You purchased for yourself or business (not to resell) one or more of the products covered by the settlement


We all love to save with coupons right? But we also know the cost of newspapers have gone up especially for the Sunday Paper. We can get many coupons by Printing Them Online as we know but not always are they the same. We can also stack With Coupon Rebates. But if we were to buy 10 papers every week for example at the National going rate of around $4.50 per newspaper that is an expense of $45.00.  Some weeks only have one inserts where other weeks have 2 or even 3 inserts. the weeks we have 3 inserts that is a total of 30 so the cost is a little more worth it but still very high. Below I am listing some ways you can cut that cost WAY DOWN.

Image result for IMPORTANT

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  1. Purchase your Newspapers At Dollar Tree – That’s right many people do not realize that Dollar Tree sells newspapers. That means to buy 10 papers you would be spending $10.00. On weeks we have 3 inserts that really pays off.

  2.  Purchase Newspapers on Monday. Many stores especially convenience stores will offer a discount if you purchase the next day. Of course that is if there are any left so it is a gamble.

  3.  Check your local Post Office Recycle Bin – Many people Forget about this Gem. So many non couponers will throw away or recycle there inserts.

  4. Use The Discount Newspaper Service Below

Newspapers By State

Newspaper subscriptions are available in the following states listed A to Z

Learn How To Coupon At Dollar Tree

May 30, 2018 BY Yes We Coupon
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How to Coupon at Dollar Tree

How to Coupon at Dollar Tree

May 30, 2018 BY Yes We Coupon
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How to Coupon at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is already a very cheap place to shop at because, duh, everything is only a dollar! But did you know that you can use coupons there to get items for even cheaper… potentially FREE? Let us show you how to start couponing here!

If you’re a beginner couponer, it is probably a great place for you to start learning. This is because it’s very straightforward in both its prices and its coupon policy. With everything being $1.00, and the rules being very clear on what they will and won’t accept, it makes it simple to know which deals you can get.

How to Coupon at Dollar Tree

Manufacturer Coupons

Dollar Tree accepts only manufacturer coupons. Occasionally, they have a “Customer Appreciation” couponsalthough they are very rare. These are typically 10% off your purchase of $10+ Dollar Tree store coupons.

Dollar Tree will accept manufacturer coupons with any coupon value on it (ie, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, etc). The coupon value will be adjusted down if it exceeds the price of the item. They do not give overage on items. (i.e. If you’re buying Item X and have a $1.50 off 1 Item X coupon, that coupon will be adjusted down to $1.00.)

As far as multi-item coupons, as long as the total of all the items together is not less than the value of the coupon, it can be used as-is. For example, if you have 3 items at (= $3) and have a $2.00/3 coupon, even though that coupon is more than the price of an individual item, it’s not more than the price of all the items combined. Therefore, you can use it without it being adjusted down.

dawn dish soap

Internet Coupons

They limit two total “like” internet coupons (two printable coupons that are the same) and four total “like” other coupons (inserts, etc) per person.

store finds

What Can You Find at Dollar Tree?

So by now I’m sure you’re wondering why they even have a coupon policy. I bet you’re thinking, “Don’t they usually just carry weird off-brand stuff and party supplies?” Not exactly! Yes, they have some “weird off-brand stuff and party supplies” but they also carry a lot of name-brand stuff! Some brands I’ve seen at the store include Pampers, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Cetaphil, Kraft, Lysol and more! The stock at each store varies GREATLY, so if you have the opportunity to stop at more than one, make sure you do that. Many times, $1.00/1 manufacturer coupons available for name-brand items found here. That makes a TON of items COMPLETELY FREE with coupons! While not all stores will have the exact same stock, knowing what others are able to find will give you an idea of what to look for at your own store.

And there it is! Easy peasy! Couponing at Dollar Tree is a very simple and to-the-point way of getting tons of free or nearly free items with very little hoops to jump through. Are you ready to start couponing at Dollar Tree?

Note: It is recommended to bring a copy of the Dollar Tree coupon policy with you when shopping at Dollar Tree.

BREAKING NEWS! Brand NEW Kohl’s Rewards Program!

May 28, 2018 BY Swaller
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I’m so excited! I love Kohl’s because of all the deals you can get with stacking coupon codes and Kohl’s Cash! It’s all about to get even better! This is what will be taking the place of Yes 2 You Rewards.

A New Kohl’s Rewards program is launching on Friday May 25th! Kohl’s Cardholders will have even more great benefits! If you are an MVC (meaning you spend $600+ annually using your Kohl’s Charge) you’ll automatically become an elite member.

BENEFITS: (Base Membership)

10% Back in Kohl’s Cash (Kohl’s Cardholders) EVERYDAY on your purchases. It works in conjunction with Kohl’s Cash promos that are run a couple times a month (eg. spend $50 get back $10 in Kohl’s Cash). Time to double dip! Non Cardholders will receive 5% back in the form of Kohl’s Cash on each purchase.

ELITE MEMBERS (Kohl’s Charge MVP’s)

FREE Standard Shipping on EVERY purchase (bye bye $8.95 shipping fee!)

Early access to Black Friday Deals

Expedited Customer Service phone support

This all begins May 25th and in select markets. The pilot program is coming to several areas all over the US, including the Raleigh NC area and Austin, TX.

You can check out all the details of the new program HERE

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Uh oh! If you own an Android powered phone manufactured by ZTE, myPhone or Archos, you better read on! Researchers have discovered that many of these inexpensive smartphones have malware right on the firmware, straight outta the box! Phone owners in more than 90 countries could be affected, including the US.


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How To Clearance Shop IN Walmart- YMMV And More

May 21, 2018 BY Yes We Coupon 2
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Walmart Clearance. In this article we will discuss how to score clearance in store, where to look, and what YMMV is. We hope this article helps you guys when looking for clearance in store!

First let’s define some terms:
YMMV- Means Your Mile May Vary. We use this term to explain that the clearance sale may NOT be at every store. Each and EVERY single Walmart store is different and the clearance is always different. I like to explain YMMV as: When I lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, (Arkansas being Home of the Walmart) we had a Walmart store every few miles. There were 4 Walmart stores within 20 minutes of each other that I liked to go to every week. One on Bowman, One in N. Little Rock, One in Bryant, and one in Benton. The Bowman one, I found these HUGE T Shirt Comforters marked down to $9, but when I went to the other 3 stores, N. Little Rock was Full Price, Bryant was marked to $15 and Benton did not have any at all. So why would 4 stores all within 20 minutes from each other have different prices and one did not even have the item at all? That is how Walmart works with clearance and rollbacks too. I will tell you that one year later, A FULL YEAR N Little Rock Walmart finally marked theirs down.


It’s no secret we love Victoria’s Secret at Yes We Coupon! If you follow the deals carefully, you can get up to 70% off! Combine that with their Angel Card for Rewards Galore and Oh M Gee!

Every frugal bone in my body hates paying that $8 for shipping though! True you can buy a bra and get free shipping using your card and code JUST4ANGELS.

BUT —  it looks like a new program is unrolling that will give us a better option.


Yes! It’s only in select areas for the time being but Glenda from our VS Addicts group was kind enough to show us all a screenshot that her area is now offering it. So keep your eyes peeled next time you order for the option to pick up in store.

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GLITCH or CRAZY Clearance?!

May 15, 2018 BY Swaller
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Much of the time the term “glitch deal” is used way too liberally. This article’s purpose is to explain the difference and how to tell if you’re getting a super amazing clearance deal or a glitch deal.

The definition of “glitch” is “a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment.” I think I’d be safe to say most glitch deals tend to happen online.

Here’s a rundown of the most often seen glitches:

  • Math doesn’t add up right. Say a Promo is spend $35 get something free. The items you add to your cart happen to be on sale – BUT the spend $35 is tracking using the regular price on all the items. You spend less than $35 and get the free item. This happens often with Victoria’s Secret.
  • An entire case of items is listed for the price of 1 item. This is a common error on Walmart.com
  • BOGO online sales — more expensive items come off as free
  • Overlapping promo codes — most stores will not allow you to get 2 free items with a purchase, you would have to meet each requirement separately.
  • A total malfunction of a website will occasionally price expensive items (think electronics) for practically nothing. A great example of this happened at Walmart.com in the holiday shopping season of 2013. Shoppers excitedly snapped up TV’s, computer monitors and projecters for as low as $8. For more on this, you check out the video of the national news story at the end of this post.

A glitch is NOT:

  • Using a manufacturer coupon on a different item than intended. That is FRAUD. End of story, don’t do it.
  • A Clearance deal. If it’s marked online or in store as clearance (even the real high percentages off like 90%) — not a glitch. Great deal, but not a glitch. Remember a store has thousands of items to go through and manually mark. Often it may be marked one price, say $3.00 but rings up for a $1.00. Not a glitch, it’s clearance.

Here’s a couple of real-life examples of glitch deals we have posted. You’ll see they all have some of the same points in common. All the examples are all dead deals so don’t waste your time trying them out, they are over. ;-)

  • BOGO Glitch

This picture above shows my order from American Eagle. They were having a buy one get one free on all clearance items. We all know with any store a BOGO sale gives you the least expensive item free. In this case, the sale was glitching and giving the most expensive item free. A key point to a glitch is a code not acting the way the store intended it to.

  • Spend Threshold Glitch:

Here’s another deal where a code was not acting how it was supposed to:

This online promo at Victoria’s Secret was spend $50, get a free beach cooler. The spend $50 threshold was taking into account the $10.50 for the panty. There was another promo code available that gave Victoria’s Secret Cardholders a free panty.

  • 2 FREEBIE Glitch

Here’s another glitch that happened at Victoria’s Secret. When you bought 2 bras, you got a Reward card (like a gift card) for your next purchase. The 2 bras you bought also qualified you to get a free body suit worth $58. It is believed their intention was for the customer to have to purchase 4 bras (2 for the body suit, two for the Reward Card.). Two bras got you both and saved you over $100 on this order!

Now, let’s switch gears and talk about clearance! Walmart typically has some amazing clearance deals! The items aren’t always marked or put in the “clearance” section. You can keep your fingers on the pulse of what’s happening it the clearance world by joining out Walmart Clearance Group on Facebook.

Reasons for Clearance:

  • End of season. Think of items like sleds, snow gear, shovels, etc in the springtime. Summer and outdoor toys at the start of fall.
  • Seasonal/Holiday items. Watch for deep clearance (up to 90% off) right after a holiday has past. Obviously, watch expiration dates on food but decorations and gifts feel free to stockpile for next year!
  • Changes in packaging. Manufacturers often change up packaging to be visually appealing and catch your eye. If the package changes, it’s very common to see the old packages marked down to move them out.
  • Damaged packaging/online order returns. I see this often at Target. Someone will buy something online, and return it to the store. It often gets a nice discounted price and stuck on the shelf.
  • Expiration dates on food. Remember you can use manufacturer coupons on clearance items! With a great markdown and high value coupon, you are treading into freebie county.

Tips for Clearance Hunting:

  • Take a picture of the UPC/barcode on your Smart Phone then head to your store’s price scanner. This saves your back and muscles from lugging things back and forth. This is handy with large items or toys. ;-)
  • Remember not everything is stuck under a big yellow sign with CLEARANCE. If you see anything seasonal, or especially an item buzzed about in our Walmart Clearance Hunters group, go scan it!

Remember that crazy electronics glitch I mentioned? Check out this story that was featured on national news when it happened:



Glitch Community

Clearance Community

Walmart Clearance


Start off your purchase through Ebates and get cash back! Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

How To Coupon at Target: 10 Crazy Ways to Save!

May 13, 2018 BY Swaller
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Learn How To Coupon At Target

When most people think of saving money, they don’t think of shopping at Target as the best option. However, In my experience, shelf prices at Target tend to be marginally higher (between $0.02 – $1.00) than their biggest competitor, Walmart. Furthermore, what most people don’t realize is that Target offers many different ways to save money – 10 in fact – many of which can be stacked on single items! As a result, if you use these money-saving Target shopping tips, you can get things for significantly cheaper than Walmart or most other stores.

So, are you excited yet? Let’s go over the ways you can save money at Target. One handy point I cannot stress enough is have the Target Coupon Policy printed out and on hand in your binder or coupon box. If there’s an issue, often it can do the talking for you.

1. Manufacturer Coupons

Manufacturer coupons are accepted at Target, as they are accepted at most stores. Furthermore, you can use manufacturer coupons in conjunction with Cartwheel offers. Don’t worry if you don’t know a Cartwheel from a handspring – we’ll get to that. ;-) This is called stacking offers. Also, Target accepts 4 like coupons per transaction, unless the coupon lists stricter limitations. This means four of the same coupons, not four coupons total.


Learn how to use coupon at target

2. Target Cartwheel

You’ll flip for Target Cartwheel! Target Cartwheel is a savings program that Target offers to all customers. Cartwheel gives % off discounts as high as 50% on items!  You can get discounts on everything from grocery items, clothes, diapers, clearance and more! Cartwheel will stack with manufacturer coupons. The percentage off discount for Target Cartwheel is calculated AFTER the Target coupon has come off, but BEFORE the manufacturer coupon comes off. As a result, stack these three to get triple the savings!

Where do you get Target Cartwheel?

You can download the Target App and find Cartwheel as an extention within the app. It’s all very user friendly. Don’t have a smartphone to get the app? No problem. Your Target Cartwheel barcode is the same no matter which offers you have loaded onto it. Just print it out from the website and keep it in your wallet (laminating is a good idea) to have them scan each time you check out.

Target Cartwheel Limits

The limit for Target Cartwheel is four like items per transaction. Therefore, this means if you have a Cartwheel offer loaded for 10% off pretzels, you can buy FOUR bags of pretzels and get 10% off each, but no discount will apply on the fifth bag in the same transaction. It is reusable, so you could buy 4 bags of pretzels one time and as long as the offer is still valid, more the next time you shop. At this time, Cartwheel is only redeemable in store and not online at Target.com.


Target Cartwheel also offers manufacturer coupons. However,  these only work on ONE item, one time. Just search “mfr” in your Cartwheel app or on the Cartwheel website to see all of the manufacturer coupon offers.  As a result, manufacturer offers in Cartwheel will stack with Target category coupons and percentage-off Cartwheel offers just like paper manufacturer coupons. They will not however, stack with another printed or insert manufacturer coupon. To add any offers, simply click or tap the “+” button on the top right of the offer.

  • To see offers you have saved to your Cartwheel barcode select “wallet” and then tap “Cartwheel Saved Offers” on the left hand side, right below your barcode like shown:




3. Category Coupons 

Just about every week, Target has some sort of category deal going. An example is a promotion they run often, save $5 off a $20 Meat Purchase. You will find these category coupons in the weekly flyer, OR a mobile coupon in your Cartwheel app. Under the checkout screen, you’ll see a tab at the bottom labeled coupons. Click it and all the available category coupons that are valid pop up. You can use your mobile barcode coupon ONCE. If you wanted to do additional deals I suggest you cut out the paper coupons in the flyer. Good news is: manufacturer coupons AND Cartwheel offers on individual items stack with a category coupon! Yahoo!

4. Target RedCard

Target RedCard is by far the easiest overall way to save at Target. Furthermore,  it’s completely FREE to get, easy to sign up for and gets you an extra 5% off every single purchase (except gift cards) that you use it with. There are two kinds of Target RedCard: credit and debit. If you have credit issues or aren’t a fan of credit cards – no worries. You can get the Target RedCard Debit Card. It deducts your Target purchases from your existing checking account! While 5% may not seem like much, but when you get to the end of the year and realize you’ve easily saved a few hundred dollars by JUST using that, it definitely seems worth it!

Best way to coupon at target

5. Reusable Bags

Additionally, reusable bags save you 5 cents for every one you use at Target. It’s really straightforward: bring in your bags and use them instead of plastic bags. So, have 3 bags? Save $0.15. 4 bags? Save $0.20. Easy peasy! Nearly all of us have reusable tote bags that we got for free from one promotional event or another hanging out around the house. Might as well put them to good use!

So those are the primary ways to save money at Target. As a result of all we have learned so far let’s talk about putting them together to save the absolute most money and really making the most of the couponing tips we have shared in the most ethical way.

how to coupon at target

6. Gift Card Deals

Target runs weekly (& sometimes longer) sales in which you can EARN a Target gift card for purchasing a certain amount of items. These will be listed in the weekly ad, as well as specially marked in-stores.  So, if you can use Target store coupons, manufacturer coupons, Target Cartwheel, and Target RedCard on a gift card deal scenario, you can save significantly. See a gift card deal here to see how this works together.

First of off, the trick to making gift card deals work for you is to do something called “rolling” the gift cards. This means that each week you will find gift card deal scenarios and split them into individual transactions. You can follow all of our Target deals here for the best gift card deal scenarios. For each transaction (if noted) you will earn a gift card. Then, you will pay for each transaction with a gift card earned in the previous transaction. In conclusion, the key is to end each week with a couple of Target gift cards to start the next week’s shopping plan.

For example, you might do this deal in transaction #1. Therefore, you have earned a $5 Target gift card from that deal. Then in transaction #2, you’ll do this deal. As a result, you will pay with the gift card from transaction #1 and earn a gift card to help you pay for transaction #3. In conclusion, this goes on until you’ve gotten every deal you want, all while spending very little out of pocket.


Target BOGO Coupons

7. Free Item Deals

First of all, target runs weekly (& sometimes longer) sales in which you buy a certain number of items and get one item free. Usually these are “Buy 3 Get 1 FREE” deals. However, keep in mind that you cannot use a coupon or Cartwheel on the free item, but you CAN use all the savings opportunities available to you on the items you’re paying for to get the free item. So, see this deal as an example to on how to save the most with free item deals.

Learn how to coupon at target

8. Clearance Deals

Most noteworthy, Target has some of the best clearance offers around. Items start at a discount of only 15% – 30%. Also, some will drop to 70% off. This is the best time to shop because it’s an automatic savings without any coupons at all! Therefore, once you start Target deal shopping, you’ll learn about how they clearance entire sections of the store periodically throughout the year. So, whether it’s 70% off toys at Target or BIG savings on baby items, you can really save!

Additionally, make sure every time you are in Target, you walk around the outer perimeter of the store (near the exterior walls) because that is where the clearance items will be located: on the shelf end caps facing these walls. Most of all, don’t forget to scan clearance items to see if they come up even lower in price; sometimes clearance items are marked at a higher price than they ring up as! Therefore, you *can* use coupons on clearance items to maximize savings. However, most Cartwheel offers will not work on clearance items.

9. Rebate Apps

Lastly, take advantage of smartphone rebate apps. These rebate apps almost ALL stack with other savings (like the ones listed above) and give you money back on purchases you are already going to make. Recently though, some apps like Checkout 51 state you cannot redeem the offer if you’ve used a manufacturer coupon so be sure to read the fine print!

Even though it’s not an immediate lowering of price, it IS a way to get some money back and EVERYTHING adds up.

(Note: The specific deals referenced as examples in this article are listed as examples ONLY and may be expired by the time you are reading this article.)

See More Target Deals And Coupons Here

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