• Uh oh! If you own an Android powered phone manufactured by ZTE, myPhone or Archos, you better read on! Researchers have discovered that many of these inexpensive smartphones have malware right on the firmware, straight outta the box! Phone owners in more than 90 countries could be affected, including the US.


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    BREAKING NEWS! Brand NEW Kohl’s Rewards Program!

    May 22, 2018 BY Swaller
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    I’m so excited! I love Kohl’s because of all the deals you can get with stacking coupon codes and Kohl’s Cash! It’s all about to get even better! This is what will be taking the place of Yes 2 You Rewards.

    A New Kohl’s Rewards program is launching on Friday May 25th! Kohl’s Cardholders will have even more great benefits! If you are an MVC (meaning you spend $600+ annually using your Kohl’s Charge) you’ll automatically become an elite member.

    BENEFITS: (Base Membership)

    10% Back in Kohl’s Cash (Kohl’s Cardholders) EVERYDAY on your purchases. It works in conjunction with Kohl’s Cash promos that are run a couple times a month (eg. spend $50 get back $10 in Kohl’s Cash). Time to double dip! Non Cardholders will receive 5% back in the form of Kohl’s Cash on each purchase.

    ELITE MEMBERS (Kohl’s Charge MVP’s)

    FREE Standard Shipping on EVERY purchase (bye bye $8.95 shipping fee!)

    Early access to Black Friday Deals

    Expedited Customer Service phone support

    This all begins May 25th and in select markets. The pilot program is coming to several areas all over the US, including the Raleigh NC area and Austin, TX.

    You can check out all the details of the new program HERE

    Missing Out on DEALS?
    Text “follow ywcdeals” to 40404


    Harris Poll is Accepting New Members!!

    May 22, 2018 BY Bebop
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    Looking for a new way to earn money from home? You can sign up for Harris Poll Online.  It is owned by Nielsen (one of the top consumer panel companies in the world) and they do pay out! Just be sure to check your email for a confirmation so you can start earning!

    You could even start saving up for next years Christmas now! ALOT of readers including myself paid for ALL of their Christmas using Survey sites including this one!



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    Hurry on over and Join our BRAND NEW Jungle Deals Group. To celebrate opening this group we are handing out Free Amazon Gift cards randomly to Active members. This group is open to all.


    How To Clearance Shop IN Walmart- YMMV And More

    May 21, 2018 BY Bebop
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Walmart Clearance. In this article we will discuss how to score clearance in store, where to look, and what YMMV is. We hope this article helps you guys when looking for clearance in store!

    First let’s define some terms:
    YMMV- Means Your Mile May Vary. We use this term to explain that the clearance sale may NOT be at every store. Each and EVERY single Walmart store is different and the clearance is always different. I like to explain YMMV as: When I lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, (Arkansas being Home of the Walmart) we had a Walmart store every few miles. There were 4 Walmart stores within 20 minutes of each other that I liked to go to every week. One on Bowman, One in N. Little Rock, One in Bryant, and one in Benton. The Bowman one, I found these HUGE T Shirt Comforters marked down to $9, but when I went to the other 3 stores, N. Little Rock was Full Price, Bryant was marked to $15 and Benton did not have any at all. So why would 4 stores all within 20 minutes from each other have different prices and one did not even have the item at all? That is how Walmart works with clearance and rollbacks too. I will tell you that one year later, A FULL YEAR N Little Rock Walmart finally marked theirs down.


    Anyone who has couponed for a time can tell you fraud is a big issue. It’s clearly not only NOT going away, but it’s getting more sophisticated all the time.

    The latest edition of crazy high scale coupon fraud took place at Walgreens in the New Orleans, LA area. Two Walgreens store employees were arrested and the police are still looking for a person of interest; a customer who allegedly acted as an accomplice. Their mission? Steal as many gift cards as possible using FAKE Catalinas!

    The employees, 35 year old Kewanta Young and her coworker Fanny Kelly worked along with an unnamed customer to outwit the register by scanning phony Catalinas that offered $15 off any purchase. The trio is accused of scanning these counterfeit Cats multiple times a day and racking up more than $26,000 in gift cards using the overage.

    The pair face multiple charges including computer fraud and theft. They could face anywhere from 5 to 20 years in jail if convicted.


    Walgreens Workers Steal More Than $26,000 with Phony Catalinas!

    Posted by Yes We Coupon on Monday, April 16, 2018