You Won’t Believe Why Safeway & Albertsons Are Getting Sued!

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Calling all Albertson’s and Safeway shoppers! Have you noticed the price of your meat going up? A new class action lawsuit is alleging that both stores raise the price of BOGO sale meat so customers actually paid more to cover the cost of the ‘free’ product.

“You are not allowed to do that. It’s not free. It’s a lie,” said Portland attorney David Sugerman, who represents the plaintiffs in the case.

According to the lawsuit, consumers buying these specials are paying more per pound than regularly priced meat and they’re buying more product.

“You can’t sell your boneless, skinless chicken breast at $9.99 a pound, ‘Buy One Get One Free,’ when they are otherwise available at $2.89 a pound,” said Sugerman. “That’s not free. That is deceptive advertising.”

Have you noticed this deceptive advertising in your own store?

Story via NWCN

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