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Between all of our groups, Email subscribers and Facebook pages Yes We Coupon has over 3 Million Fans just waiting to see your product or service. It has taken us 7 years to grow this massive following and now we want to share it with others. Below you will find some options that fit almost any businesses needs. We are opening our pages and groups up to Amazon Sellers, Small businesses and even fellow bloggers (Yes Even Competitors).  Please take a moment and check out the advertising options found below. If you do not find what you are looking for we may be able to design you a custom plan. Just Contact us and Inquire.

Guest Posting on Yes We Coupon

Yes We Coupon does accept guest posts. Each Guest post also gets shared to all of our social media listed above as well as our Twitter and Instagram pages and goes out to our email list. We do Ask that you submit posts that will fit with our audience only, All posts are subject to Approval. If you are interested in submitting a post please fill out the form below.

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Create a Blog Post

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Facebook Group Advertising (Introductory Pricing Before Price Goes Up)

Advertise in Our VERY BUSY Facebook Groups. With each option you will be granted posting ability to share Up to 5 of your deal posts Each day. This service is billed on a monthly basis. SEE RULES BELOW.

GLITCH Community over 460,000 Members

Cost to share unlimited posts in this group for $50.00 per day  

Bargain Hunters Group over 120,000 Members

Cost to share unlimited posts in this group for $10.00 per day  

Online Deals Group over 60,000 Members

Cost to share unlimited posts in this group for $10.00 per day


  • Only 5 posts per day per group purchased aree allowed. If you post 4 one day you still have only 5 the next day
  • Yes We Coupon reserves the right to refuse to offer this if we feel it will harm our reputation.
  • NOTE: This service is NOT for recruiting members to your Facebook groups or any other social media or mailing lists it is only for posting deals.
  • Only 1 Person will be granted posting permission per subscription
  • Only 1 site will be granted permission to post per subscription
  • You must share deals that have not already been shared by another blog/person
  • All deals posted must be valid deals at the time of posting
  • Any link shared counts as a deal posted including if you comment with a link so 5 comments = 5 deals
  • You may share up to 2 Engagement posts (Non Promotional) to build up your followers. These posts may not list your blog in any way.
  • If any of these rules are broken Yes We Coupon reserves the right to cancel your subscription without a refund.

Yes We Coupon On Site Advertising

The Above slots may be available for advertising. Please fill out the form below to inquire.


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