WOW! Are These *BIG* Changes Coming To A Macy’s Store Near You?

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Macy’s is trying a brand new store concept at the Easton location in Ohio. The prototype store design features everything from new lighting fixtures to new in-store merchandise… plus a whole lot of selling changes.

Macy’s is trying out the “store within a store” concept, breaking away from the traditional department store idea. This “store within a store” will feature leased businesses that have selling space in “lifestyle departments” throughout the store. This means each department will cease to exist; rather you will be able to visit separate, specific businesses within the Macy’s store.

This store-within-a-store concept will make it so that stores such as Lenscrafters, Finish Line, Men’s Warehouse and more have locations within Macy’s stores.

Macy’s decision to add customer-service employees makes sense, said Lee Peterson, an executive vice president at WD Partners, a Dublin retail-consulting company.

“To blow up the old model is the right way to go,” Peterson said. “They’ve figured it out. That’s brilliant. The thing is, this is going to cost a lot. But what’s going to cost too much is if you go out of business.”

(It’s worth noting that JCPenney tried this concept in the past… and it failed miserably.)

On top of these mega-changes, Macy’s is also offering a FREE personal-shopper service called My Stylist @Macy’s. They are adding customer service employees and shifting focus to an improved overall customer experience.

As a couponer, I love the idea of an improved customer experience. However, the store-within-a-store concept does have me a bit concerned as far as deal shopping goes. Will Macy’s coupons work at these mini-stores within Macy’s? Will each store offer separate deals, sales, coupons, etc.? Will one of the “updates” to this new concept include the ending of Macy’s participation in the Plenti Program

? Will the prototype even be successful enough to be tried out in other stores?

Only time will tell.


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