Whoa! Crazy Stacking Savings on Fresh Meat at Kroger!


Wowza! Check out all Joy Lynn from our Glitch Community got at Kroger! She stacked some Digital Coupons like a pro and scored some serious savings on both the Crock Pot and fresh meat!

The Crock Pots are on sale for $29.99 ($10 off). At her store, you received $15 off a meat purchase with the purchase of an appliance. She then stacked a $6 E-Coupon on top of that. BOOM!

This may be a big YMMV as not every region may have the same Digital Coupons. Head over to Kroger.com and log into your account and browse the E-Coupons available to you.

About the author: Stefanie Waller

Hey all, I'm Stefanie! I'm a married work at home mom to my 6.5 year old daughter and two precocious cats. I relocated to NC 4 years ago and love it down south.

I've been blogging for Yes We Coupon since April of 2015! A lot has changed in the deal world since then, but I'm passionate as ever about saving money on EVERYTHING you can think of and of course sharing my knowledge to help others stretch their hard earned dollars further. When I'm not blogging, I'm coupon shopping, playing with my daughter, hiking, baking, cooking and spending time with my husband and cats.

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