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WEKSI Meat Thermometer Instant Read Digital Food Cooking Thermometer with Timer Alert 2 Probes for Oven Kitchen BBQ Grill Smoker

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  • Color Display & Touch Screen: It is fast, easy, safe, and fun to use. It's instant read unlike traditional ones take a while to register temperatures. It has a backlit LCD displays which make it convenient to use at night and helps you get a quick reading at a glance from any angle.
  • WEKSI grill thermometer itself comes with two strong magnets and a stand on the back. Easy to attach on the fridge, oven, smoker or put on the table. Powered by 2 AAA batteries which is not included.
  • Accurate Themometer & Timer: The thermometer will beep when the probe hits the set temperature. Easy to switch, the display shows the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can select the preferred temperature scare by touching the "S/S" button. The display reads "LLL" if the probe doesn't plug in. It reads "HHH" if the temperature is higher than 482°F.
  • Preset & Custom temperature: 8 Types of Preset Meats: beef, lamb, veal, fish, chicken, turkey, pork and burger. 5 Levels of preset doneness: well done, medium well, medium, medium rare and rare. To set the desired temperature, hold "M/M" button 3 seconds and temperature will flash. Touch "M/M" button to increase the temperature or "S/T" button to decrease the temperature
  • BBQ Grill Oven probe: The food grade stainless steel probe is heat resistant and can be used for BBQ, grillbaking, roasting, frying, smoking and oven- cooking etc. The stainless steel probe range is from 32°F to 482°F:(0°C to 250°C). Meat thermometer range: -10°C to 250°C(482°F).

Product Description

This meat thermometer is a really cool combination of a necessary kitchen gadget and technology It came with 2 detachable probes.it's very really easy to set to your desired meat and temperature setting It also has a timer feature. My favorite part is the magnet on the back so you can store it on the fridge for easy access This is a great unit to measure the temp of your meats ranging from Beef,Pork,Chicken,Turkey,Lamb,Ham,Fish,Veal or"self program" a temp For beef and lamb you can choose the level of doneness you like as well (ranging from Rare to Well Done). You get a reading for the cooking temp and the "alert temp" letting you know when the meat has reached the appropriate temp to be considered completely cooked (or to your chosen level) The cord is heat resistant up to 482 degrees according to the instruction sheet so this covers pretty much anything I'm cooking including things in the crockpot The digital display features power run by 2 AAA batteries (included) and has...

WEKSI Meat Thermometer Instant Read Digital Food Cooking Thermometer with Timer Alert 2 Probes for Oven Kitchen BBQ Grill Smoker, WEKSI

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