WARNING!! Don’t Get Scammed!

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Have you ever ordered anything on Amazon that never showed up? You are not alone. Scammers have been running rampant on Amazon recently. The scam goes something like this:

The scammer will open a new account and picks some popular items to “sell,”

They then list these items for prices that are usually much cheaper than what everyone else selling them for. They get tons of orders because of the extra low prices they advertise.

Then when all those orders come rolling in they quickly say it’s been shipped so that Amazon will pay them.

Here’s the catch …they didn’t actually ship anything. They never even had the items they are claiming to be selling in the first place.

The good thing is that your payment information doesn’t go to the seller, it goes to Amazon. Then Amazon uses that money to pay their sellers every two weeks. Most of the time sellers have been paid a 2-3 times before they rack up enough negative feedback for Amazon to shut them down. By this time the scammer has their money and has more than likely already opened a new seller account under a different name, as the process begins all over again.

This is no small problem, there are thousands of new seller accounts are being opened every day.  That means thousands of unhappy customers like you. Amazon will back up these purchases with their A-to-Z Guarantee but it still leaves you empty-handed and frustrated! I hope they come up with a solution to this problem soon. In the meantime save yourself some headache; If something looks too good to be true and it is sold by a “just launched” seller be very leery.

Yes We Coupon will be working very hard to try and weed these scammers out of any deals we post to our site. 



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