Walmart Price Glitches/Discrepancies Explained!

January 12, 2018 BY Deb
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Have you ever opened your Walmart App and saw an AMAZING price for something? Like a Ninja Multi-Cooker Plus 4-in-1 for just $25 (reg. $99) at one store, but full price at another? You probably think “GLITCH!” and run to that store right? (Don’t worry! I have too!)

Tasha from our Glitch Community talked with her local Walmart Store manager, and found out that it’s NOT a glitch, but more of a budgeting thing! Each Walmart Manager has an allotted budget for clearance and a list of items they can mark down. Some stores may choose to mark down the Ninja Multi-Cooker to $25, while another store just marks it down to $89.

From Tasha:Ok so let me just talk for a minute… Everyone keeps posting Wal-Mart with different zips being different prices. So I got curious with the ninja crockpot 4 in one cooker I tried to price match at a store across town That had it in stock but was listed for original price of 89.00 They of course said no because every Wal-Mart is different … They were very rude just saying … So the next day I go to the actual store that has it for 25.00 just hoping they had one left talked to the assistant store manager and he was super nice. They were sold out but he explained to me just how this works. So I feel as though it’s my civil duty to pass it on. When you click on an item and it shows multiple prices for stores in your area that is due to the clearance budget rule Wal-Mart now has if it is 25 at one store but 89 at the next it’s not a GLITCH it’s a good deal yes but the reason it is 25 at one store and not the other is because the store managers of each store are given an allotted budget for clearance they can then pick what items they mark down based on a list of items they can make down and the number of sales that item has done if it’s doing okay or decent they will chose to mark down something else but if it’s not They will deeply discount it to free up shelf space hope that helps and makes sense.

What are your thoughts on this? Does it help clear anything up?

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