Walmart Glitches And Clearance 101 – Get The Low Down And SCORE THE DEALS!

November 14, 2017 BY Yes We Coupon
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When you are using the Walmart App or .com, when its states a lower price by saying “In Store Only” that means you must find it physically in the store to get it at that price.If you add it to your cart, the price will change to the higher online price.

We use the Walmart App to scan items ( The App can be downloaded on your mobile device.)

If you are looking for particular items that may be on clearance, instead of posting “any deals on t.v’s) you can use the “search this group” box located on the left side on the page and type t.v…and all post about t.v’s will populate.

Limited Stock- Means that the item is very low in stock or gone at your store, typically it could mean that the display is the only thing left. (Disclaimer: Inventory tools are not always accurate,if you want accuracy its best to go to your store and check your self)

When an item is glitching, get to the website first and ask questions later. ( meaning just runnnnnnnnn, and come back and check comments for updates).

The Sku #’s for items on walmart .com can be found typing the item in the search bar on the website, once you find the item the Sku # is the numbers listed in the address bar:…/Microice-Monkey-Toy-Jun…/138424261

Most stores don’t price match clearance prices, if you get one that do…lucky you! If not, don’t be a sour patch.

And last but not least Glitch Community is here to help us get the deals, being salty,rude or mean can get you put in the Negative Nancy group…if you aren’t here to support the group maybe this isnt the group for you.

Thank you to the Admins of this group…..We appreciate you!

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Thanks Latoya from Our Glitch Community

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