Walgreens Workers Steal More Than $26,000 with Phony Catalinas!

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Anyone who has couponed for a time can tell you fraud is a big issue. It’s clearly not only NOT going away, but it’s getting more sophisticated all the time.

The latest edition of crazy high scale coupon fraud took place at Walgreens in the New Orleans, LA area. Two Walgreens store employees were arrested and the police are still looking for a person of interest; a customer who allegedly acted as an accomplice. Their mission? Steal as many gift cards as possible using FAKE Catalinas!

The employees, 35 year old Kewanta Young and her coworker Fanny Kelly worked along with an unnamed customer to outwit the register by scanning phony Catalinas that offered $15 off any purchase. The trio is accused of scanning these counterfeit Cats multiple times a day and racking up more than $26,000 in gift cards using the overage.

The pair face multiple charges including computer fraud and theft. They could face anywhere from 5 to 20 years in jail if convicted.


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