Victoria’s Secret Cyber Monday Stacking Codes And Deals!

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*Victoria Secret*
Promo Codes:

I got a free clutch, free slippers, a PJ set, 3 velvet stain lipsticks, 2 colognes, and a bombshell giftset. Plus a free $20 rewards card via mail for $99 plus tax. The total was $109.88. I saved $152.12 in merchandise if it had been regular price the total was $262. Plus I receive $20 gift card in the mail. It took a few tries to get the items I wanted because they are selling out fast. I couldn’t get the slippers that I wanted in color or size, but I was still able to get a free pair that I can use as a gift for someone. I also have other codes for other items. Thanks Megan In Our Glitch Community

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