VeryDice- a LEGIT App to Earn FREE Stuff!




We have all seen comments and posts in groups about Very Dice and people earning free stuff. I had to download the app to investigate and see if it was legit. I redeemed for my first prize and just got them yesterday! (SEE PIC BELOW) This app is LEGIT and so easy to earn free stuff. Everything from Makeup, toys, clothes and more! GO TO YOUR APP STORE and download the app Very Dice. You will need to sign up using code: 808758. 
Here is how to play: EVERYDAY you get to spin and get free rolls for the day. Rolls are two dice, and whatever you roll you get in tickets. So if you roll an 11, you get 11 tickets. Tickets are used to redeem for free stuff. The minimum amount of tickets you need to redeem anything is 2,000. When you roll doubles, you have a chance to play a basketball game to win even more tickets… The basketball game is a bit difficult at first, so I suggest you just claim your doubles and move on to the next roll. REMEMBER to claim your free rolls daily to get more tickets.
Here is what I redeemed mine for:  two golden butterfly hairclips.

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