UNREAL! Huge Bottles of Tide $2 with HOT NEW COUPON!

May 28, 2017 BY Swaller
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This is awesome! Christina from our Glitch Community Facebook group tipped us off to this awesome deal!

Pull up your Walmart app and look for Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Spring Renewal – 48 loads 92 oz bottle. Some stores have this listed as only $5 for a huge bottle of Tide!

Even better, this morning a rare treat was released — a $3.00 off Tide coupon that is valid on this size bottle! Stock up for $2.00 per bottle! This works out to a nice $0.04 per load!

SKU IS 33963179


Shown above is the lowest possible price we have found for this. This is a clearance item so YMMV depending on your store. You can check your local stores inventory by using The Walmart App and searching by your local stores inventory! AT YOUR OWN RISK you may use our Walmart Clearance Finder Tool

HOT!!! –  Join The Walmart Clearance Group


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