Umm WHAT?!!! Clorox Wipes 6-Pack Ringing Up for 1 PENNY! ?

Calling all clearance hunters! I’m writing this with my mouth open because this is almost too crazy to be true! Today, someone went to Home Depot and found the 6-packs of Clorox Wipes on clearance and ringing up for just 1 PENNY! Seriously, 1 penny!!! ? <— exactly my face, right now. I don’t have a SKU # but if you live close to a Home Depot, it is DEFINITELY worth checking out!
If my Home Depot were open right now, I would not be typing this (sorry, not sorry ? j/k). If you find these at your store, please share the SKU # and a copy of your receipt with our members in the Facebook Glitch Community. We will all be SUPER grateful! ? Good luck & happy hunting!?

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