Uh oh!! Walmart is Cancelling SNES Pre-Orders!!

July 26, 2017 BY Deb
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Major mistakes made at Walmart yet again.

Did you pre-order a Super NES Classic Edition from Walmart? Well you should check to see if Walmart cancelled your order. Why you ask? Because pre-orders were not supposed to go LIVE until the following week. Pre-orders immediately sold out on Friday July 21st in a little over a half hour causing the website to crash. Walmart began cancelling the orders the next day or claiming they were having “payment information problems.” Customers have been posting shots of their conversations with WM customer service where CS agents are reporting that the pre-order went live early because of a “website error.” HA! Another Glitch with Walmart that they won’t honor. Who is surprised? These admissions by CS agents are in direct contradiction to the emails customers have been receiving about the cancellations being “their fault” due to incorrect payment information. Is it Wal-Mart’s habit to blame their customers? Walmart seems to just now be corroborating the error with a simple. “We’re sorry.” Good news is that pre-ordering the SNES will be available again soon and that some people were able to secure their pre-order without a cancellation. No word yet on exact date Wal-mart will open up to pre-orders again. UPDATE: Looks like new cancellation emails are going out that are NOT blaming the customer but admitting to a Glitch. New release date for this pre-order is September 29th. 

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