UH OH! Starbucks is being Sued Over the Unicorn Frappe!

May 6, 2017 BY Bebop
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It’s the kind of fantastical battle you’d expect Peter Jackson to tell over the course of three hours, amid a lush New Zealand landscape: One unicorn is suiting up, readying to go head-to-head against another unicorn of mythic proportions. One ridden by a two-tailed, green-and-white Siren, whose face is plastered on cups, signs, and strip malls worldwide.

As otherworldly as it seems, this isn’t a work of fiction. A Brooklyn-based coffee shop, The End, is suing Starbucks over the chain’s limited-edition Unicorn Frappuccino. You see, back in December 2016 (amid the initial frenzy for Unicorn Hot Chocolate, Unicorn Milkshakes, and well, unicorn everything) The End launched a Unicorn Latte. While called a latte, the pastel blue drink doesn’t contain coffee — and neither does Starbucks’ pink and blue Frappuccino, which debuted in late April, and was offered for about a week.



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