Top Printable Coupon Tips & 10 Sites To Find Them

July 7, 2018 BY Yes We Coupon
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When it comes to printable coupons…I’m a HUGE fan! I definitely use way more printables than I do insert coupons. In general, I find there to be way more coupons for Food & Beverages available than there are in the newspaper insert coupons, plus the values seem to be better than what my region gets.  That means that printing coupons online is a big part of my coupon plan.

With the right setup, printable coupons can be super easy and convenient, plus, you can pick and choose which to print and which to pass on based on your personal needs. That, of course, makes it easier to manage while keeping your coupons organized for regular use.

Top Printable Coupon Tips & 10 Sites To Find Them

  1. Most printable coupon sites allow you to print 2 of the same coupon per computer. There are exceptions, though. Sometimes the coupon will only be limited to one print. If you need more, you will need to gain access to more than one computer or mobile device. You may not have to look far, though, many smartphones and tablets offer the ability to print coupons if you have a compatible wireless printer.
  2. Most printable coupons have special indicators to ensure they are not photocopies. The most common forms are some sort of unique ID number that can be used to track whether or not the coupon has been previously redeemed.  This helps prevent coupon fraud, and can protect both the store accepting them, as well as you when you use them.
  3. Just like insert coupons, printable coupons have restrictions. All the information you need is there for the reading. Always be sure to check for restrictions as far as product sizes and how many coupons can be redeemed per transaction.
  4. DO NOT EVER photocopy coupons. This is a form of coupon fraud that has major repercussions including losing your ability to print coupons from certain websites.  As mentioned above, most printable coupons have a way to track if they have been used before.  If you are photocopying printable coupons and using in stores, you will be found out, and that can even lead to criminal charges in many situations.
  5. DO NOT EVER BUY, SELL, or TRADE PRINTABLE COUPONS. Bottom line, you don’t know where they are coming from and you don’t know where they are going to. Just because you play by the rules doesn’t mean the buyers or the sellers do. Don’t even leave your printable coupons on the shelves as an act of kindness. You never know what the person that finds them will do with them.  That unique code mentioned above tracks back to you, not the person you gave them to as a gift or trade.

Here are TEN sites for Printable Coupons!

To take advantage of the convenience of using printable coupons, use our favorite printable coupon websites.  These are free sites that are easy to navigate and use.  I love the convenience and the variety.

NOTE: Most sites will only be available to print from a desktop. Be sure to get the and Grocery IQ apps though for your smartphone!

  1. (By far the most popular site with the most available coupons!)
  4. (Kimberly Clark Brand Family Coupons including Kleenex, Scott, Huggies & More!)
  5. (Proctor & Gamble Coupons)
  6. (General Mills Brand Family Coupons, New Coupons available monthly)
  7. (General Mills Brand Family Coupons in Spanish)
  8. (Kellogg’s Brand Family Coupons)
  9. (Natural & Organic Coupons)
  10. (Natural & Organic Coupons)

View Our Entire List of sites for FREE Printable Coupons Here!

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