Teen Boy arrested for buying a $9 PS4

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Teen Boy arrested for buying a $9 PS4


A 19 year old teenager in France has been sent to jail for buying a $9 PlayStation 4.  That teenager goes by the name Adel, but how did he get this awesome deal that landed him in jail? Adel was trying to get a train ticket back to his home town of Nice, France, he didn’t have enough cash. The 19 year old went to a supermarket, grabbed a PlayStation 4 and weighted it as if it was a big bag of fruit, he then proceed to use self check out to purchase the PlayStation. Adel was caught the next day, as he returned to the same supermarket to collect another gaming device.

The 19 year old was arrest by local police and was charged with theft. Adel was planning to sell the PlayStation’s in order to get train tickets back home. He was due for a court hearing but never showed.


credit: gamesradar

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