Target's New Rewards Program- REDperks. Is it Live In Your Area Yet?

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Guess what?! Target has released a NEW program to help you save even more! It is called REDperks and with it, earn 10 points for every dollar you spend in store, plus, get 5% off once you hit 5,000 points AND earn rewards and special bonuses too! Right now, it is being tested in certain areas and on certain devices. I just tried to sign up (location Torrington, CT with an Android phone) and it says it is not yet available for my device and location but Target will email me when it is available to me! Definitely worth checking out and definitely worth signing up for! Even if it isn’t available to you yet, make sure to sign up so they can let you know when it is! As if Target wasn’t good enough?! Woohoo :) ]]>

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