Super EASY Dollar General Shopping Trip- All Digitals AND Over 50% Savings!!!

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I NEEDED trash bags. Bad. I had 1 box left and there aren’t many coupons or sales! Except, of course Dollar General :) If you spend $15 on Glad products, save $5 instantly. I combined that with a few Dollar General digital coupons to save over 50% off things I needed :)

The best part is when the cashiers mouth drops when they see how much you saved and ask you to write it down so she can copy it because she needed trash bags too!

I Bought:

  • 4 Gain trash bags $7.95 (spend $15 save $5 instantly)
  • 1 Gain Dryer Sheets $4.75
  • 1 Gain Flings! $4.95
  • Saved: $10 instantly
  • Coupons used: $5 off $30 Gain purchase Dollar General Digital Coupon
  • $2 off Gain Flings! Dollar General Digital Coupon
  • $2 off Gain dryer sheets Dollar General Digital Coupon
  • $22.50 for all!

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