Subway Coupons – CHEAP Subs at Subway! Get Yours Now!

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Subway Coupons – Grab A Cheap Sub

Subway is one of my favorite fast food restaurants because I can eat there on the go without feeling too guilty. Plus with this deal I get new Subway Coupons every week!

Subway Coupons

For a limited time you can sign up for Subway text alerts and get any 6″ sub at Subway for just $2.99. PLUS more Subway coupons every week.

It’s easy! All you have to do is go here¬†and sign up. Once you have signed up you will get your first text message from Subway. Reply “Y” to agree and wait for your Subway Coupons!

Once you get your Subway coupon you can click on the blue link from the text to open the coupon but wait to click on “redeem” until you are at the store ready to check out. The coupon will expire in a matter of minutes once you click the redeem button.

subway coupons

Even better is that once a week you will get a new offer via text message to keep the savings rolling week after week.

Subway coupons are only part of some of the great Restaurant deals that Yes We Coupon posts about. As couponers we strive to save money any time we can and that includes saving when we go out to eat at places such as Subway. Subway Coupons are available often and will save you money all year long. How many of you eat at Subway. I bet many of you do and don’t mind saving a little money when you go because a little money turns into a lot of money over a years time. Subway has great food and it is much better for you then many restaurants that are considered fast food. I love to eat at Subway especially when I can use my Subway Coupons!

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