The Best Money-Saving Smartphone Rebate Apps

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Smartphone Rebate Apps

Most people know about FREE manufacturer coupons that you can print at home or get from your local newspaper. But did you know there is another completely free way to save money? There are a variety of Smartphone Rebate Apps available that give you money back for purchasing certain items. The best part is that most of the rebates available on these apps will STACK with other savings, like coupons and in-store sales. You do have to have a smartphone in order to access this savings, which is the only potential drawback.

Most people know about FREE manufacturer coupons that you can print at home or get from your local newspaper. But did you know there is another completely free way to save money? There are a variety of Smartphone Rebate Apps available that give you money back for purchasing certain items. Read more to see the best apps to save you the most money! | #frugalliving #frugal #budget #budgeting #coupons

You will get your money back via these rebates by taking a photo of your receipt after you purchase an item and upload it to your smartphone app. Once you download the apps, each one will give you specific instructions as to how the upload process works. Each one may vary very slightly, but the overall process is simply to select certain rebates to claim and upload a picture of the receipt.

Here are (in my opinion) the best smartphone rebate apps:




Checkout51 is my personal favorite app for saving on fresh produce. Each week, Checkout51 has “Pick Your Own Offer” cash back rebates. This means you will be given the opportunity to claim a rebate (which is usually $0.25 in value) on several different produce items, such as grapes, onions, salad mix, grapefruit, carrots, bananas, etc. You may pick ONE of these items to claim the rebate on each week. Given that there are almost NEVER coupons for fresh produce, this is an amazing way to save a little bit extra. $0.25 may not seem like much, but it definitely adds up! Checkout51 also accepts receipts from just about any store, including Aldi. So if you buy your produce at Aldi to save money, don’t forget to also submit your receipt each week to get even more in savings!

Checkout51 mostly has rebates that are not store-specific (like Ibotta is), however they do have some mixed into their list. It’s best to read each rebate to see whether they are store-specific or not. Sign up now.


Savingstar has all name-brand rebates, plus one weekly rebate for a healthy item and one low-cost “freebie” item rebate each Friday. This healthy-item rebate is a percentage off (usually 20%) savings and the freebie item is usually something small, like a chocolate bar or a cup of yogurt. The name brand rebates will be either an amount off of a single item (such as $0.55 rebate on one item) OR an amount rebate (such as $4.00 back on your $15.00 purchase of a certain item).

It is a more unusual rebate app than the others because you can connect it to your store loyalty cards. This means that once you sign up for SavingStar, you can connect your store savings cards from Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, etc etc. If you want to submit a rebate via a store with a connected loyalty card, it will automatically register with SavingStar so you don’t have to do anything extra after you select to redeem it. Don’t have store loyalty cards, or want to redeem a rebate at a store that doesn’t offer them? No worries! You can also submit your receipt via the app to get your cash back. It is important to note that you must select the rebates you wish to redeem BEFORE shopping and purchasing the items, so make sure you check out the app before your shopping trips. Sign up now.

Walmart Savings Catcher (ends May 14, 2019)

In the grand scheme of stores, Walmart is doing all it can to play catch up against competitor stores that are offering store coupons and extra savings that Walmart doesn’t. In walks the Walmart Savings Catcher app. This is a rebate app that works for you automatically! All you do is shop at Walmart and then scan your receipt after leaving the store. The Walmart Savings Catcher app then scans through all of the ads of the competitor stores near your location. If one of those ads advertises a lower price than what you paid at Walmart, you will receive the difference back to you in the form of a Walmart eGift Card. Sign up now.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog isn’t a rebate app, but I like to include it on this list. Why, you may ask? It’s a way to earn just a little bit extra on everything you purchase. You see, Receipt Hog allows you to submit pretty much any and all itemized receipts with a store name or logo on it. In exchange, you earn “coins” in your Receipt Hog account that you can save up and redeem for gift cards. While earning coins can be a slow process, it takes almost no time to upload receipts and a little bit is still a little bit you didn’t have before!

Plus, the more receipts you upload the more you can play “Hog Slots”, which is a gambling type game in which you can win even more coins than you are earning. It’s not straight cash in your pocket, but if you already have your phone out and are submitting other rebates, it doesn’t hurt to take an extra minute and submit to Receipt Hog, as well. Sign up now. 

So there you have it! Those are the Smartphone Rebate Apps that I use on a regular basis to supplement on coupon shopping savings. Which ones are you excited to try out? Comment below and let us know!


Dosh is similar to Ebates but the cool thing about this is you link your card and when you shop in store at participating locations, you get cash back! Like Ebates, you can shop online too, but you will need to go through the app to get cash back. Right now when you link a card to DOSH you get a $5 credit for signing up. Sign up now

Before you plan your next trip to the grocery store, be sure to download these apps so you can save and/or make some money! It takes just a few minutes, and the savings will be huge!

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