Six Things You Should Never Buy at Black Friday Sales


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Six Things You Should Never Buy at Black Friday Sales

A chance to shop at Black Friday prices comes around only once a year. For discount shoppers, it’s the most special of days. Ahead of the holiday gift season, it gives everyone a chance to cross just about every item off their list. Or does it? If you’re giving electronics, winter clothing, appliances, home construction material, shoes, designer handbags or even vacations, those prices drop spectacularly on Black Friday. Not every kind of retailer is able to do this, however. There are some items that you shouldn’t count on Black Friday for.


Furniture retailers do advertise plenty of Black Friday deals, but you would do well to resist temptation — Black Friday deals on furniture can be cheaper than some times of the year, but they are hardly the cheapest. Indoor furniture tends to be its cheapest in January, July and August. Patio furniture is at its cheapest in August and September.

Game consoles

Whatever next-generation gaming console your kids may have their eye on, the deals happen in the last week in the lead-up to Christmas. Before that opportune week, the discounts are only on the previous year’s gaming consoles. Those consoles, while they are good, are usually of no interest to kids. If you do see Black Friday ads for discounts on the latest consoles, you should remember that there are probably not that many units on offer. Those ads are door busters to get you in the store.


Whatever your little one wants this Christmas — a Let’s Dance Elmo, a Fingerlings Hugs, or anything else — you probably won’t find these on Black Friday. Just as with game consoles, the best deals on toys are in the week prior to Christmas. Even so, the best you can hope for is about 25% off. If you do try to look for the few pieces on sale, you’ll just queue up endlessly in line, and then find them gone by the time you get to the head of the line. It doesn’t even make sense on a regular day, to wait that long for the hottest toys of the season, or to wait until Christmas. These toys are usually in short supply. It’s always a good idea to buy when you find one, whether it’s on sale or not.

Gift cards

It isn’t just physical products that go on sale on Black Friday. Virtual goods do, as well. Gift cards, however, aren’t one of them. Certainly, these make great gifts, especially since paying for anything with a gift card gives you an extra 5% off at stores. However, gift cards go on sale in the run-up to Christmas, not Thanksgiving. If you wait that long, you’ll get $100 iTunes gift cards at about $70. Everyone else, from Costco to Sam’s Club and Target offer those gift cards at reasonable discounts, just not ones this generous.

Plane tickets

Buying plane tickets well in advance does give you better prices, but not if it’s this far in advance. If you want to travel in spring, buying tickets at Thanksgiving is too early. For travel in May or June, January is usually the best time to buy. You will also not find too many discounts for in-demand destinations like California or Florida. The spring break sees to that. Finding the best deals on Black Friday requires that you conserve your resources and aim for the areas that offer the deepest price cuts. While the amateurs aim for just about anything that they want, knowing what not to buy helps you go straight for the best bargains.

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