Shocking Story! Another Coupon Fairy ARRESTED – Police Tracking Down His Customer List?

You ever wonder how coupon sellers and “coupon fairies” get tons of inserts week to week to resell back to us? The easy answer would be that they purchase tons of newspapers. Unfortunately, doing that legitimately would cost them too much money. There would be no profit. Instead, they often somehow manage to get in contact with people at newspaper distribution facilities. The people at these facilities steal or otherwise obtain the inserts, sell them to the sellers and those sellers in-turn market them to couponers looking for additional inserts. The entire process is illegal, especially considering coupon small print specifically says it’s not to be sold. This is why we always tell you not to do it.

It’s a dangerous decision that can result in real jail time if you are caught. Some people think the risk is worth it, though. 25-year-old Dion Scheirer is accused of taking 160 bundles of the Sunday edition of the Allentown Morning Call from a local distribution facility. As a former employee of the newspaper distributor, and a former newspaper carrier for the Morning Call, Scheirer allegedly knew the facility well – well enough to know how to get to the papers before they were delivered.

Police say he intended to sell the coupons to a “coupon fairy”, who would then sell them to couponers. Scheirer is now facing theft charges and the possibility of repaying over $1,000 to the newspaper he stole from. Police are also looking into the people he was looking at selling to. Police aren’t saying if they’ve tracked down his potential customers, yet. But it’s safe to say that they are looking into tracking them down. If caught, they could be in legal trouble right along with Scheirer. Worth it for some coupons? I think not.

Via Coupons in the News

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