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Savingstar has all name-brand rebates, plus one weekly rebate for a healthy item and one low-cost “freebie” item rebate each Friday. This healthy-item rebate is a percentage off (usually 20%) savings and the freebie item is usually something small, like a chocolate bar or a cup of yogurt. The name brand rebates will be either an amount off of a single item (such as $0.55 rebate on one item) OR an amount rebate (such as $4.00 back on your $15.00 purchase of a certain item).

It is a more unusual rebate app than the others because you can connect it to your store loyalty cards. This means that once you sign up for SavingStar, you can connect your store savings cards from Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, etc etc. If you want to submit a rebate via a store with a connected loyalty card, it will automatically register with SavingStar so you don’t have to do anything extra after you select to redeem it. Don’t have store loyalty cards, or want to redeem a rebate at a store that doesn’t offer them? No worries! You can also submit your receipt via the app to get your cash back. It is important to note that you must select the rebates you wish to redeem BEFORE shopping and purchasing the items, so make sure you check out the app before your shopping trips. Sign up now.

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