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Everyone is always looking for ways to save money but some just do not have the time to become an extreme couponer. No worries because there are still a bunch of ways for you to save money without making it a full time job! Cutting a few corners here and there can get you a bunch of bang for your buck!

1- 52 Week Challenge- I am sure you have all seen the 52 week challenge floating around the internet. It is a really good place to start and also a great way to teach kids how fast money adds up Put in $1 in to your savings account the first week, $2 the next week, $3 the next week and so on! After a year, your savings account can grow to almost $1,400! Talk about saving money!



2- Shop Off of Sales Flyers – This is easier said than done. But, every week, the stores send you a flyer listing all of the items that are on sale. Instead of going shopping based on what you want, shop based on whats on sale. That alone can cut your grocery budget by at least 20%-30%! If chicken in sale this week for $1.19 a pound, why in the world would you choose to have lasagna and buy ground beef at $4.99 a pound regular price? Wait until ground beef is on sale then have lasagna on the menu for the week. That is a savings of a $3.80 a pound simply because you decided to shop smarter and shop the sales!


3-Make a Grocery List And Stick To It- Never go shopping hungry! I am sure your mama told you the same thing! It leads to impulse buying. And never shop without a list! After you completed number 3 (above) write down what you are buying! That leads to less temptation at the grocery and curbs overbuying. (Ladies, leaving the husbands behind can also curb unwanted/uneeded items your cart as well! LOL) Your list is your guide. Let the list guide you throughout the store rather than your stomach! A good way to seperate your grocery list is by 3 categories:

  • Staples- things your family need
  • Ingredients needed to complete your meals for the week (marinades, spices, broth, beans, rice, etc)
  • Sale items, Stock up priced items and freebies!

If you can nail down a good grocery list (by shopping the sales flyers!!!!) then you can save tons of money!


(Thank you for the grocery list!)

4- Create a Junk Email Address- Many companies (and stores) offer you one great deals or specials if you sign up for their emails. Or, provide an email address while signing up for certain promotions. Create a dedicated email address just to give out for these instances. You do not need your personal email being jumbled with promotional emails. You now have a dedicated place to go and look for special promotions and exclusive coupons because they will all be in one spot.

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5- Match Coupons to Sales to Save Even More!- Well, you do not really even have to do this! I do something called “Store Match Ups” and do all the work for you (FOR FREE!) I will type up the sales flyer and tell you what’s on sale and where to find the coupons drastically reducing the amount of time you actually have to spend searching for these deals. That does not mean you have to have 30 papers and buy 500 of item. If you can get 1 or 2 of an item for free (and a few different items at that!) then you should be very proud of yourself! A dollar saved is $2 dollar earned (y’all have heard that saying, right?!)

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