Rite Aid ENDS Plenti Points Program! Big Changes Starting Soon!!

As the year comes to an end so do the Plenti Points at Rite Aid.  Starting Sunday in the new ad there are no longer offers to earn Plenti Points, the program is being replaced with Wellness+ Bonus Cash.  Before you begin to worry, all Plenti Points you have earned are still redeemable at Rite Aid, you will just no longer have the opportunity to earn more.  While Rite Aid is no longer participating in Plenti Points the program is still available with other retailers.

With the new Wellness+ BonusCash program you will have weekly offers, some with a limit, just like the Plenti Points. A big difference is Plenti Points did not expire for 2 years, the new Bonus Cash rewards will expire after 60 days so you’ll need to remember to redeem them sooner! We will learn more details over the next few weeks as the transition takes place and keep you updated.

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