Remembering Thanksgiving


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 remebering thanksgiving

As we celebrate Thanksgiving we all have a tendency to stress about things like… What dishes need to be prepared? Getting everything  set up before the guest arrive. Will everything be done in time for the big day? And of course, we are all looking out for turkey deals so we can score a cheap bird just for the occasion.   

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 25: The Snoopy float glides across Columbus Circle to open the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade November 25, 2010 in New York City. This year's annual parade features approximately 8,000 participants, 15 giant character balloons and 43 novelty balloons. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Thanksgiving has its many traditions we have come to know and love. Whether it is getting pumped up for a football game, or waking up early to watch the Macy’s day parade. And of course there is the turkey, and fixings that you enjoy with your family on a day where we are to truly be thankful.  


 Then of course there is the famous day that follows BLACK FRIDAY! Whether you are crazy enough to battle the crowds or are going to play it safe by shopping online; Black Friday can be practically a holiday in itself for Frugal Shoppers!

black friday

In all this chaos we tend to lose sight of the true meaning of Thanksgiving or rather how it all began. In 1621 the first ever Thanksgiving dinner was served. A dinner shared between the Pilgrims and the Indians (later called Native Americans) which lasted three days. 

first thanksgiving

 It was a real celebration! They had survived their first years on the shores of America, and it was all thanks to the natives, who knew the land well . They had advanced methods on growing crops and knew how to survive the winter. They aided the pilgrims teaching them all they knew from their many decades of living on the shores of the “new world”.   


 It wasn’t until 1863, over 240 years later that Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday to be celebrated on the same day across the nation. Until then, each state had scheduled their own day of celebration separately, and not all states…mostly in New England and northern states. Sarah Hale, a 74 year old editor had advocated for 15 years that Thanksgiving be made a national day of celebration. Unlike previous presidents, Lincoln read Sarah’s Letter and proclaimed that every November, the last Thursday of the month was to be set aside for Thanksgiving. 


Since then, Thanksgiving has evolved through the years. Now it is no longer a celebration of just survival, but a day to reflect on what is truly important. It is a day to be appreciative for what we have and how far we have come. A day of togetherness and harmony. We tend to over look it other holidays much greater in “importance”. Thanksgiving has become a passover holiday between Halloween and Christmas. It’s importance diminished by the over commercialized holidays surrounding it.


 So at your Thanksgiving feast this year, once all the stressful craziness has subsided, take a minute to truly reflect on the wonderfulness that Thanksgiving brings…a day of togetherness and gratitude for your family and all that you have. A day to appreciate the haves, rather than the have nots. A day for remembering what’s important. Happy Thanksgiving from the Yes We Coupon Family. 




























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