Remember the Equifax Data Breach? It’s Worse Than Before

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Image Via ABC News

Remember the HUGE Equifax Data Breach we previously wrote about? If not READ HERE. Over 143 MILLION people were affected by this data breach, Social Security Numbers, Birthdays, and Drivers License numbers were leaked… But recently it just came out that MUCH MORE was leaked and Equifax kept it from us. They recently released documents to Lawmakers showing how much worse the Data Breach actually is.
And how it can potentially affect your tax returns. On top of your Social Security numbers being released along with your birthdays, Hackers got credit card information, the 3 digit security code on the back, addresses, Tax Identification numbers, email addresses and more were also released. By having all of this information in Hackers hands, your information can be sold and used without your knowledge. Someone can take over your identity with your Social Security number, Use your Credit or debit card information without you knowing, file taxes in your name or claim you as a dependent which delays your own tax return.
Thanks to CBS News for this story. READ MORE HERE

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