Print Like A Pro: How I “Legally” Get 6 Prints Of the Same Coupon!


A really HOT topic of conversation when it come to coupons is how to get more prints of the same coupon. As most of you already know – you can’t simply photocopy the coupons since that would be fraud. I’m going to share with you how I am able to get 6 unique prints with minimal effort. This is specifically for the coupons offered by We off them to print right here on the Yes We Coupon Site (under the Coupons tab.) Here’s a quick walk through to get you set up to maximize your printing capabilities!


  • Laptop or Desktop Computer
  • iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone or Android Tablet
  • Wireless Printer with Mobile Printing Capabilities (I have an HP Photosmart All-In-One printer. Wireless Brother Printers also work great.)

tide gain coupons

Print from a Desktop or Laptop Computer = 2 Prints

You can easily print from your Desktop or Laptop. Go Here and select the coupons you would like to print (Bookmark that page for quick access! New coupons are added daily!) If this is your first time printing coupons, you will need to download the printing software first in order to print the coupons. Most coupons will allow you 2 prints (some may only be one, but that is fairly uncommon.) Once you have printed a coupon once, the coupon will usually be moved to the last couple pages of available coupons. Once you locate it you can select it and print it again. Once you have printed the maximum number of prints the coupon will say “Limit Reached.” It will be unavailable to print again unless it resets at some point (some coupons will reset in the middle of the month and again at the very end of the month.)


Note: The coupons shown in this article are merely for example and may not be available to print by the time you are reading this. Go Here to see all current coupons available to print.

Each Mobile Device = 4 prints

Search & Download the App from the Apple Store (or from Google Play Store if you are an Android User.) You will need to follow the instructions to set up the app to find your printer. You will be required to switch your phone to wi-fi in order to print from your phone to your printer. All the very same coupons will be available to print from your mobile device through the app and just like on a computer, you will be allotted up to 2 prints of each coupon. app

Next, Search & Download the Grocery IQ app from the Apple Store (Or from the Google Play Store for Android.) Just like the other app, you will need to follow the instructions to connect your printer via wifi. Most of the same coupons offered by will be offered in the Grocery IQ app with the exception of the “Regional Coupons.” These are coupons that are only offered in certain areas based on your location. Grocery IQ does not have those coupons available to print. Keep that in mind if you can’t find a coupon that you already printed from your computer or through the App.

Grocery IQ

If you are an technology loving person like I am, you can easily gain access to LOTS of prints of these coupons! EACH mobile device will allow you 4 prints with those 2 apps. In my house I have a desktop, laptop, iPhone and iPad which allows me up to 12 prints of a coupon (and if that isn’t enough, I can usually bug my teenage daughter for her iPhone and/or laptop for up to an 6 prints!) Most of the time I don’t need that many prints but it’s nice to have the option IF a super hot gotta have it deal comes along!

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