**INSANE** – Poulin Chainsaw Ringing Up For $0.32!

May 5, 2017 BY Yes We Coupon
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Another Crazy YMMV In Store Only Clearance Find. Check your local Walmart (You can use Wally World Clearance Tool below) and see if you can score this Poulin Chainsaw for as low a $0.32 WHOA!!

The Poulan 3816 16″ Gas-Powered Chain Saw offers a powerful, rugged and reliable option for tree shaping at home or on the job. It is equipped with a 38-cu cm, two-cycle gas-powered engine for high power and performance, as well as a 16″ bar and chain for a deeper cut. This gas chain saw is able to cut trees of up to 32″ in diameter, making it a wise choice for light wood cutting, greenery pruning and after-storm cleanup. It is equipped with a chain break and automatic oiling system that both function to provide the user with convenience and simple operation. This Poulan chain saw comes with a carrying case to protect it during storage and transport and two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Use Wally World Clearance Tool Below to check your price.

Poulan 3816 16″ Gas-Powered Chain Saw
SKU: 22178403 | Rank: #46
Low Price
Shown above is the lowest possible price we have found for this. This is a clearance item so YMMV depending on your store. You can check your local stores inventory by using The Walmart App and searching by your local stores inventory! AT YOUR OWN RISK you may use our Walmart Clearance Finder Tool

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