Check your Animal Crackers! The popular brand Stauffer’s is recalling bags with the Best Buy Date of  07SEP17 because they were packaged with other products that contain milk powder. This information is NOT listed on the packages of Animal Crackers. The potential cross contamination could cause an allergic reaction for those allergic to milk. The crackers come in a 32 oz plastic bag.

Best By Date: 07SEP17

Bag Lot Numbers: LC120716 and LD120716

Case Lot Number: L120716

UPC code: 7232091022

The products were distributed to Walmart stores in Utah, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming, California, Arizona, Washington, Louisiana, Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii, Montana Arkansas, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Nevada. No other lots or products are affected.

The recall was initiated after receiving consumer complaints of other cookies found mixed in the bag with the Original Animal Crackers manufactured in our California bakery. The specific cookies found by consumers contain milk powder ingredients. Original Animal Crackers do not contain milk powder. No illnesses have been reported to date.

Consumers who have purchased the recalled product are urged to stop consuming the product and return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact D.F. Stauffer Biscuit Co., Inc. at 888-480-1988, Mon-Fri, 8am to 5pm EST.

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