Pepperidge Farm RECALLS Goldfish Crackers- SPREAD THE WORD!

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Pepperidge Farm RECALLS Goldfish Crackers for Salmonella Concerns. Pepperidge Farms urges anyone to not eat the recalled products.

Pepperidge Farm RECALLS Goldfish Crackers

Pepperidge Farms has recalled 4 different kinds of Goldfish Crackers for Salmonella concerns. The company that manufacturers the Whey Powder used in the Goldfish Crackers was recalled for Salmonella concerns. The products have been voluntarily recalled while Pepperidge Farms investigates. You can GO HERE to see the press release.

Pepperidge Farm® Announces Voluntary Recall of Four Varieties of Goldfish® Crackers
July 23, 2018

Pepperidge Farms is also offering a refund HERE for the recalled products. Thanks Pepperidge Farm for the information provided above.

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