Penny list for Dollar General!

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Penny list for Dollar General!

dollar general penny list

dollar general penny list

Have you been to Dollar General on Tuesdays!? Almost every Tuesday they have products though out the store that ring up for ONLY a PENNY! Also depending on holidays they have different days of the week that they have penny items, but mostly Tuesdays. Yes you read that right only 1 cent!

Penny items are products that have been hard to sale and have went past the 90% off mark. As they ring up for a penny in order to help the sales associates identify them, and let them know that it needs to be pulled from the shelf to be donated or destroyed. It’s good to get to the store as soon as they open, check out this list to find weekly Penny Items for 2019. Remember your mileage may vary!

Tuesday March 26th 2019:

Click here for March 26th List

Thursday March 21st 2019:

Surprise Penny Item Find

Tuesday March 19th 2019:

Click here for 03/19 Penny List


Tuesday March 12th 2019:

Click here for 03/12 BIG Dollar General Penny List


Tuesday March 5th 2019:

Click here for 03/5 BIG Dollar General Penny List

Tuesday February 26th 2019:

Click Here to Check out this Weeks Dollar General Penny List

Tuesday February 19th 2019:

Click here to check out this weeks HUGE Dollar General Penny List


Friday February 15th 2019: 

Valentines balloons should penny on Friday!

February 13, update:

The most recent LONG list going around is NOT a penny list, although the prices may be worth checking in your area – some are getting great deals!

February 12, update:

No new pennies for Tuesday, Feb 12th.  Valentine’s balloons should penny on Friday!

February 7th:

I am being told by a couple sources that summer yellow dot clothing and accessories are resetting, summer must have shoes, and Halloween!  Let me know if these reset in your area!

February 5th:

1. Christmas gift sets – there are NO gift sets. There are small things like holiday bath fizzers, single holiday hand soaps, single ornament body wash or bubble bath, set of 2 holiday emery boards.
2. Fall hardware – these are NOT things to keep your house warm or secure, these are the gifts with YELLOW tags in brown boxes like paper basketball, bottle openers, and aprons.
3. Candles f18 with plain stickers (not brown dot) – but NOT the small white one that has an angel on it.
4. Most candy that can be sent over to Valentine’s and is NOT included.
5. Kleenex brand Christmas tissues are included, NOT Puffs.
6. Dixie limited edition plates – NOT DG brand.

We have also dropped some items that will be a penny, the UPC is listed beside them for easy finding. 

  • Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix (016000473652)
  • Betty Crocker Salted Caramel (016000451025)
  • Betty Crocker Oatmeal Chocolate Chip (016000307902)
  • Jello Smores (043000076149)
  • Jello Oreo (043000217184)
  • Winter Oreos (044000028596)
  • White Fudge Oreos (044000014735)
  • Jet Puffed Mini Marshmallows (600699001540)
  • Stove Top Turkey (04300028558)
  • Almond Bark Vanilla (884983000376)
  • Almond Bark Chocolate (884983000369)
  • Ritz Fudge Crackers (044000023898)
  • Cover Valley Canned Pumpkin (793396852239)
  • Libby’s Canned Pumpkin (039000045124)
  • Clover Valley Nutmeg (076114203354)
  • Clover Valley Ground Ginger (076114203347)
  • Clover Valley Ground Sage (076114203385)
  • Clover Valley Poultry Seasoning (076114203392)


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