OMG! Mongoose Boys’ Bike only $39! (was $106!)

May 24, 2016 BY Swaller
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BIKEWHOA! Check out this awesome deal that was found at the Walmart in Riverhead, NY. This Mongoose Boys’ Bicycle was priced at only $39. It’s regularly $106.97!

Note: You must follow the directions below in order to see the reduced price and you can ONLY see it from the Walmart app, otherwise it’ll show up at full price of REGULAR PRICE.

In order to see this price for yourself, just use the Walmart

app on your phone. Change the zip code on the app to 11901, then search for “Mongoose Mode 100” and click the “At Your Store” tab at the top to see it on sale for $39. If you do not click “At Your Store” YOU WILL NOT SEE IT AT THE REDUCED PRICE.

If your store will allow you to price match to another store, you can take your phone to them and price match to the Walmart app’s price for that zip code. Keep in mind, not all managers will allow you to price match to other store prices, so not everyone will be able to do this deal.

Remember: this is a price-match only YMMV deal. It is NOT available to buy online. If you try to buy online, it will go back up to the regular price of 106.97 in your cart.


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