Oh NO! New Scam Targeting Walmart Shoppers – BEWARE!!

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Walmart shoppers…

beware when using your credit cards at the checkout line!

Recently, credit card skimmers were found at checkout lines in two separate Walmart locations, and there may be more out there!

Credit card skimmers are small, electronic devices placed on top of a credit card reader and used to steal information off your credit card’s magnetic strip without you ever being the wiser.

One of the Walmart locations targeted found a skimmer on their self-checkout machine. It is unknown if Walmart employees are responsible.

Grainy images of two suspects were released after security video of the pair installing the device was discovered. The thieves have not yet been caught.

The second skimmer was found at a Walmart location in a different state. Thousands of Walmart customers were affected by this scam and had their credit card information stolen.

This is a lesson to everyone to always be extra careful when using your credit cards. This could happen anywhere and to anyone.

Be sure to check your credit card statements very carefully each month for any charges you may not recognize. Better to be safe than sorry.


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