Home Depot Data Breach! Over 8,000 Customers Involved!

May 1, 2017 BY Bebop
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Recently reporters from Consumerist, the consumer news site that is part of Consumer Reports, got an anonymous tip pointing to an internet address that hosted digital images of bathtubs, garage doors, kitchen countertops, contractors at work on various projects, and customers picking out and paying for products in a home-center store. The site also hosted 13 Microsoft Excel spreadsheets of customer records, including the full names, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses of approximately 8,000 people, as well as other information chronicling the apparent installation complaints of each customer.

The internet address that hosted these spreadsheets—along with one random document containing a scanned printout of a customer’s name, address, and signature—was part of the HomeDepot.com domain, and all the files there were unencrypted, unprotected, discoverable by search engines (several of the email addresses listed, when typed into a Google search, surfaced the documents), and completely accessible to the open internet.


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