Yesterday, a farm in Tennessee that provides chickens for Tyson foods had chickens test positive for BIRD FLU! The USDA has since quarantined the farm and, sadly, has ordered over 70,000 birds on the farm to be euthanized. It has also ordered birds on surrounding farms within a 6 mile radius to be quarantined.

As of right now Tyson is saying that this is currently a ” a bird health issue and not a food safety

or human health concern,” and that “there’s no evidence to suggest that any form of avian influenza can be transmitted to humans from properly cooked poultry.” With that said I would be keeping an eye out on this story as it develops. In 2015 there was a major out break of avian flu that led to over 48 MILLION birds being euthanized. This outbreak caused a major disruption in Chicken & egg distribution across America. Lets hope that this current outbreak is NOT like the one in 2015. We will keep you posted as this story develops.

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