My FAVORITE App! Do You Use SavingStar? You Should- Earn FREE Money!

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There are so many apps out nowadays that promise to save you money. I have been couponing for many years now and have seen coupon apps come and go but the one that seems to stand the test of time is SavingStar. What is SavingStar? SavingStar is an app of e-coupons that can be linked to mostly ALL of your store loyalty cards. There is no clipping, no printing, no nothing! These coupons do not come off at the register but rather the face value of the coupon will be deposited into a “SavingStar bank account”. Once your “bank account reaches $5, you can then have it deposited into your bank account, PayPal, redeem for gift cards such as Starbucks or iTunes, donate it to the rainforest or simply save it. I “cash out” my account once a year. I save up all year long because I am already saving a bunch of money at the register by using paper coupons and in store rewards programs that the SavingStar money is just a bonus. I cash it out before Black Friday and this is the money I use for Christmas money. (Yes, you can use SavingStar in addition to paper coupons and in store rewards too!) First thing is first, sign up for a Savingstar account (it is totally free). Then, add all of your loyalty cards such as grocery stores and drug stores. Even BJs participates in SavingStar! Head back to the “Offers” page and save the coupons. Once you hit “I Want This”, it is saved to ALL of your cards that you linked. Once you purchase that particular item, it takes about 2-10 days for it to track and the money will be deposited into your SavingStar bank account. It’s really that easy! No need to go through a ton of steps like other apps such as “liking” facebook pages, watching short videos to boost the coupon, buying the item and then having to upload a picture of your receipt. SavingStar takes literally no work at all. SavingStar has two different types of coupons. Money off of a particular item or “One or Many” offers. Item specific coupons are super simple. Buy the item and get the SavingStar value deposited into your “bank account”. Check out the example below. Buy Annie’s soup and save .75¢. I could buy the soup at Stop & Shop and then since my card is linked, SavingStar will know I purchased it and deposit the .75¢ into your SavingStar account. 1 “One or Many” deals require you to spend a certain amount on certain products/brands to earn your savings. For example (from above) Spend $20 on Clorox brand items and save $5. The best part about these deals is that 1.) They do not have to be purchased all at the same time or in the same transaction. 2.) They don’t even need to purchased at the same store or on the same day! What that means is that you have a few weeks to fulfill the deal. I could buy $5 worth of Clorox at CVS, $10 at Stop & Shop and another $5 at BJs all in different weeks. SavingStar will track it and once I hit the $20, I will get the $5 deposited even though I redeemed it over a period of time AND at different stores. How cool is that?! If you aren’t sold yet, how about the fact that you can still use coupons at the register AND still qualify for the SavingStar deposit?? The best part about that is with the “One or Many” deals, the coupons do not affect your total! Basically, if you buy $20 worth of Clorox products and use coupons, SavingStar tracks on the BEFORE coupon total! Awesome! So, if you aren’t using SavingStar yet, you should be! Ir’s free money. I earn about $300-$350 a year in SavingStar and barely do any work for it! I promise you will love it!]]>