McDonald’s Uses Ground Worms As Meat Filler?


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With most of society using social media on a regular basis, there are bound to be some tricksters pop up that like to create stories just for the sake of causing trouble. One such example is the newly viral claim that McDonald’s uses ground worms as a filler in their beef patties. Specifically, the claim states:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced Monday that it is looking into 183 more cases of parasitic roundworm disease linked to the McDonald’s restaurant chain. This is in addition to the 5 original cases that happened in Chicago in late December. However, the parasites that caused these new illnesses appears to be a bit different from the DNA fingerprint that involved the smaller outbreak last month.

This claim has been DEBUNKED as a complete HOAX. It is NOT true. You can see the Snopes full account here. Here is an excerpt:

These reports played on an old (and false) urban legend dating back to the 1970s and claiming that McDonald’s has used worm meat in their hamburgers at times, ostensibly to increase profits by substituting cheaper worm filler for more expensive real beef. Even as pure folklore, that legend didn’t hold up from a logical scrutiny:

As McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc noted at the time, the rumor didn’t even make sense from a financial standpoint: Rather than saving the company money, the idea of using of worm meat as a “cheap filler” was nonsensical because worms were much more expensive than beef:

Ray Kroc, who bought McDonald’s from Mac and Dick McDonald in 1955, added his own assurances: “We couldn’t afford to grind worms into our meat,” he countered. “Hamburger costs a dollar and a half a pound, and night crawlers six dollars.”

Needless to say, no such finding was made by the CDC in January 2016 (or at any other time). Breaking13news is one of several fly-by-night “satire” news sites that publishes clickbait fake news stories with no actual satirical bent to them. Like many of its ilk, the site bears no disclaimer informing readers its articles are entirely fabricated.

So if you were one of the unfortunate people taken-in by this false claim, take comfort in the knowledge that there are NO worms in your McDonald’s burger. It’s still not the healthiest option there is, but neither is it made from bugs you’d much rather string on a fishing line.

Now, back to saving money. And if anyone sees any McDonald’s coupons, please send them our way. ;)


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