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The information here is posted by others who find good deals or see something advertised that they think others would be interested in. All Walmarts are different so it may only be in one Walmart or several Walmarts or many many Walmarts. Just because someone else finds a deal, do not get frustrated when you can’t find it. Concerning location, this site has access from all across this country so finding someone who lives near you is not impossible but not likely, Trying to find out what city and/or state that an item is found, is usually wasting time when others are IN the store getting the last of the items you wanted.

There seem to be a lot of newbies joining lately so thought I would give a little info on how to find deals, based on my experience. Please note that location does not matter. Each store is different. Each stores decides what they want to mark down and when. You can have 4 stores in 1 city and the inventory and prices can vary widely, from full price to slashed in price. So many people try to find out locations of those posting but it is really best to physically GO to your Walmart and check it out in person. There are ways to get an idea if an item is in your area store by checking with the Walmart app on some cell phones or searching online on Walmart inventory sites such as the one in the pinned post at the beginning, from the founder of this site. These inventory sites as well as the Walmart app on your cell, are not always accurate so don’t assume you will find the same deal.

Items are posted here, to alert you that the clearance bargains MAY be in your store, so you can search for them if desired. It does take time and effort to do this, but well worth it, once you score some deals. I do not have a cell that connects to the internet and have no apps. I also rarely check inventory sites as they are wrong a lot, in my experience. I have found it easiest, in my case, to go to the store and scan items of interest on their IN STORE scanners AKA price checkers in certain areas in the store.Locations can vary from store to store and some stores have pulled them out. Scan items you are interested in, (especially clearance items) and sometimes they will be much lower than marked. If an item has a regular UPC and a clearance UPC, be sure to check both and let them know at checkout to scan the cheapest one.

Two BIG tips. Do NOT trust the prices above the racks on clearance items or on a rack that looks out of place. Many times the actual price is lower, although it can be higher as well but not as likely. Do NOT trust the prices on the items. Sometimes the UPC is entered to be a lower price but there is no time to physically re price everything. Check end caps of the aisles, especially those facing away from you that you can’t see unless you walk around to them.

An example of this, that I did last March, is finding a 9 pack of girls briefs that I saw in the clearance aisle that was marked $5. It scanned for $2 for NINE girls briefs. I would not been interested at $5 but at $2, I stocked up for Christmas stockings that I give out in December. This price has been at all 3 stores in my area but the price tag on the items has always been $5 and not $2.

Always check after holidays. The longer you wait after them, the bigger the deals BUT also the more picked over items will be. Selection will be much slimmer, if at all. Be aware that after a certain period of time, leftover holiday items are pulled off the shelves if not sold. If you waited too long, they may all be gone.

Scan the items with the IN STORE scanner AKA price checker. That is the ONLY way you will know for sure, what the price will be. If something will not scan (contact an associate for help comes up), you can try to get an associate to scan or will need to check it at the cash register.

To get good deals, GO to your Walmart and scan, scan, scan. Just a few tips as I see a lot of people asking the same questions as to how this works or where people and stores are located, when they post.

Checking in person is really the best way in my experience. I only deal in actual sales/clearances. I do not do the glitches which are mistakes done in pricing, They are hard to find and the store can decide not to honor them because they are pricing errors.

ALWAYS check your receipts. I get overcharged at least once a month and they are not small overcharges. Usually it happens every couple weeks, if not more. Bargains are not bargains if you get charged more than you are supposed to.

Hope this helps. Please remember that location does NOT matter. If you have questions, I can try to answer them but please tag my name so I get alerted. I do not have answers for questions on Walmart apps. I do not have or use them. Happy Shopping.

Thanks Janiele and Mandy for the pictures!


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