Kids Ice Cream Truck Walmart Clearance – WOW! ONLY $17!

July 21, 2018 BY Kayla
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Walmart Clearance – Kids Ice Cream Truck

Kids Ice Cream Truck Walmart Clearance

Kids Ice Cream Truck Walmart Clearance – this ice cream truck was found IN STORE at Walmart for only $17! Be sure to check your store either using the Walmart app or by checking the item online at Walmart! – Rollplay EZ Steer 6 Volt Ice Cream Truck brings food and fun to playtime! EZ Steer Technology creates an exciting play environment for beginner drivers. The center drive wheel rotates 360 degrees to avoid pesky corners and walls while the rear castor wheels assist with various directional movements.

Your little driver can turn the steering wheel to spin in place, zip out of corners, or cruise in style at a modest pace of 1.5 MPH. With a realistic design and different sounds, this fun size ice cream truck offers a 2-in-1 value featuring a play food set that pops up from the truck. Includes realistic toys that feature, 1 ice cream scoop, 1 spoon, 1 cash register, 1 cup, 2 ice cream cones, and 7 ice cream scoops.

This is an IN STORE deal so YMMV  SKU#563958137

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