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Play as much as you want and all day if you want to. Mark Z wants you to have less screen time but when you are on you might as well try to win some MONEY or PRIZES Right!!


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Once you have downloaded the app above just Navigate to App Instant Win Game To Play.


Text @glitchme to the number 81010

  1. How does instant win work???

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  10. I downloaded the app on my phone, click the app instant win, and still can’t find the instant win games. Bahhumbug!!!!!!!!!

  11. I have the app why does it keep telling me to download it I already did this sites very confusing I even watched the video and have been trying for weeks even uninstalled because it got me so upset then reinstalled and uninstalled and reinstalled uhhh blood sweat and tears here

  12. Omg yes please me!Never win but hey this could be a Christmas blessing or someone else’s!Good luck everyone!

  13. My download doesn’t have app only deal. It’s definitely different

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