Ibotta App

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Ibotta is probably the most popular smartphone rebate app there is. It offers rebates primarily on name-brand items, but also offers savings on “Any Brand” items, produce, milk and more. It’s pretty common to see a $0.25 Any Brand Gallon of Milk rebate on Ibotta, which is great considering you can only very rarely find coupons or other savings for milk. The one thing to remember about Ibotta rebates is that they are store-specific. That means that if a rebate states “Get back $2.00 on Huggies diapers at Walmart”, you must purchase the Huggies diapers at Walmart to get the discount. If you try to claim the discount using a receipt from another store, it will not work. Ibotta also does not accept receipts from Aldi or other small stores. Sign up now.

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