I Gave Out a $10 Amazon Gift Card — Is It To You?! Winners List!

November 13, 2017 BY Swaller
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I just gave away a $10 Amazon Gift Card! Was it to you? Remember you win often! Share our posts in our Facebook groups. Comment on posts with the word of the day! We give away 25 gift cards every single day!

Congrats to Jessica Madigan! Check your Facebook messages for a message from us! Enjoy your gift card!


STEP 1 Earn 10 Entries — Today’s Contest Head to FB.COM/Yeswecoupon and pick up to 10 posts . You must first “Like” the post Then share to ANY YWC GROUP (Only once per group per post) ! Each share is a new entry but no more than 10 please. STEP 2 Earn UNLIMITED ENTRIES —- Bump Any YWC Posts In ANY Of Our Groups by commenting on them. I’ll be choosing AT LEAST 25 WINNERS all day today!!

 Check Past Winners In Our Winners Portal You MAY be on the list

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