Hulu High Quality Streaming May Owe You Money!!!!


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Hulu has been one of the most up and coming ways to watch television shows and movies by streaming on many devices.  If you have Hulu you may want to follow this Class Action Lawsuit to see if you will be owed money based on their Streaming issues!

Hulus Premium package can be pricey, but then again you are supposed to be getting the highest quality pictures on ALL devices!  Hulu advertises their Premium Plan as high quality.  According to this Class Action Lawsuit against Hulu, the video streaming from a computer in a web browser were much slower and not anywhere close to the quality they were receiving through the app or television.    Hulu purposely reduces the video quality on web browers to push their customers to watch their favorite tv shows or movies through the app instead.  Are you a Hulu subscriber and have noticed different quality while watching your favorite tv shows or movies?  Make sure to follow this Class Acation Lawsuit against Hulu from our MORE INFO button below!  You may end up being owed money if you are a Premium Subscriber!



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