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  • Musical instruments and karaoke machines encourage your child to sing and make music.
  • Remote control, drones and play vehicles give a child a way to experience driving and operating a machine on a small, safe scale.
  • Games and puzzles are available for preschoolers and older children. Games help kids learn about taking turns and following rules, plus kids enjoy playing them and getting a little competitive.
  • Learning toys help younger children develop motor skills through entertaining interactions. The bright colors, sounds and moving parts make these toys fun for young kids.
  • Action figures like superheroes, dinosaurs and characters from popular shows entertain kids and encourage role-playing games.
  • Outdoor play toys get kids up and moving in the fresh air. These toys encourage age-appropriate outdoor playtime and help kids stay active.
  • Arts and crafts for kids help you bring out the little artist in your child. These kits encourage creative play and scientific exploration through cause and effect. Your child will also get to enjoy admiring his or her finished product with a craft kit.
  • Dolls and dollhouses help children learn about relationships and caring for others. Choose a baby doll to help a child learn about nurturing an infant. Choose fashion dolls to help a child practice role playing. Collectible dolls are ideal for decorating shelves in a child’s room.
  • Stuffed animals and plush toys come in designs created for children of all ages. Stuffed toys for infants and toddlers are lightweight and have no small parts that pose choking hazards. These plush toys are also often washable or designed to wipe clean. Plush toys for older kids have longer fur and sometimes have interactive features like noisemakers or internal lights to hold your child’s attention.



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