A group of plaintiffs say bed sheets sold at several U.S. retailers including Macy’s, TJ Maxx and Ross are deceptively labeled with false thread counts.

Plaintiffs Paulette Kremmel, Angela Barnes, Jamie Kilgore, Travis Garner, Dominique Morrison and Amy Hill all claim that sheets made by defendant Creative Textiles Mills Pvt. Ltd. are falsely labeled with higher thread counts than they actually have.


But by falsely overstating these sheets’ thread counts, the plaintiffs say, the defendants are deceiving consumers into paying too much for a product that’s worth less than they’re led to believe.

The sheets that plaintiffs are taking issue with are labeled with indicators like “800TC” and “1200TC,” they claim. Plaintiffs allege they reasonably understood these indicators to be representations of the sheet’s actual thread counts.

According to the plaintiffs, the sheets made by Creative Textiles end up being sold in the U.S. under a multitude of different brands. Sheet brand names at issue in this false thread counts class action lawsuit include but aren’t limited to:

  • Bentley Home
  • Hampton House
  • Home Essential Collection
  • Ultra Lux
  • Main Street Linens
  • Prescott Fine Linens
  • Somerset Collection
  • Belfast Collection
  • Highland Collection
  • Fairfield Square
  • Legacy Home Collection
  • Grande Estate Fine Linens
  • Kensington Manor

Sheet sets at issue are labeled with thread counts from 600 to 1200, according to the class action.



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