HUGE CLEARANCE FINDS! All Items Were Found At Walmart For JUST $1! CRAZY!!!

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Its time to check out your Walmart store! All of these items were just $1 a piece!

Thank you Claudia from our Walmart Clearance group for sharing!  This is an IN STORE clearance deal so YMMV!

Here are some of the SKU’s that I could find: 

Trouble Board Game SKU# 595319031, Flipazoo 7 pack SKU# 456277392, Risky Raceway Game SKU# 609604550, Super Man Fidget Cude SKU# 452721560,  Styles Fidget Cube SKU# 305531130, Pom Pom Wow SKU# 52025181, Kylo Ren Hotwheels SKU# 467601754, Chewbaca Hotwheels SKU# 48252580, Darth Vader Hotwheels SKU#46784917



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